5.15.18 The Day I Married My Best Friend


515 is Talon's (my husband) race number. 5.15.18 just so happened to fall on the third Tuesday of the month, and the third day of the week. Three is my lucky number. To us, this date was perfect.

I was told, “you know this isn’t a REAL wedding dress right?” and once my slip was sewn in, “now it doesn’t look like a nightgown.” We were given shit on several occasions that our wedding was on a Tuesday and poked fun at for being excited about the date we we got married on. 


Just days before the 15th, we had to change the location from Stanley, Idaho to our backyard due to weather. Our backyard has a TON of fence line and lots of lawn. It’s beautiful-1/3 of an acre of space, but very bare. 

The day of, we were running extremely late for the time we were (supposed to) leave to get photos done, which put us off schedule for the time we were (supposed to) get married at.

As we went to get photos done, a storm rolled in and it rained on us. I had to wear pasties with my dress that ended up burning my skin, and the double sided tape that was supposed to hold my dress in place, didn’t hold my dress in place, causing the pasties to keep showing.


When we got back home to guests, everyone was inside our tiny 530 square foot home as opposed to being outside, causing our house to be filled with yard debrees on the floor from the storm and people tracking things in. Bodies filled our entire kitchen and living room.

Hair went flat, everyone’s makeup was running, it was cold, and some people had to leave because the ceremony was supposed to start at 3 and it was now 5.

We spent HOURS working on music playlists that would be perfect for our big day that we didn’t even get to listen to.

The cherry on top of all this…I had an anxiety attack right before the ceremony was about to start. I was on the verge of throwing up, couldn’t eat, shaking, dizzy, and felt like I couldn’t breathe.


But here’s the thing…as chaotic as everything was, it was perfect. A beautiful mess.

We’re still extremely happy with the day we picked. It’s meaningful to us, and even though it was on a Tuesday, everyone was able to make it work.

My dress may have been misunderstood to older generations, but to me, it was perfect aside from the “nip slips.” I felt beautiful in it, and Talon thought so too.

Between myself, my maid of honor Amanda, Talon’s cousins Kris and Jorji, and his sister Makayla, we made the backyard look beautiful in less than 24 hours. I also wish I had their help cleaning the house every day of the week because we busted that out too.

The second I realized we were running late, I reminded myself that getting married RIGHT AT 3pm wasn’t make it or break it. So instead of stressing myself out while we were getting ready, we turned on some music and took our time. 

Once we got to the location for photos and it started to rain, I couldn’t help but smile. As I walked down the path to do the first look with Talon, I could hear the raindrops hitting the ground and trees. It was so peaceful and surreal, and I was so excited to share this intimate moment with my soon to be husband. All the stress of the day so far was gone in that moment.

The photographer in me knows that the best weather to shoot in is overcast, so I was actually stoked that the storm came in. And guess what? The clouds nestled in to the mountains, the rain made our surroundings dark and beautiful…it looked like we had a destination wedding. The photos turned out AMAZING.


When we got home and everyone was inside, it was chaotic, yes. But waking up the next day to see the mess in the house…I couldn’t help but cry tears of joy. Our home was filled with so much love that day. 

The cake ladies were putting the final touches on to make sure it was beautiful, my mom’s boyfriend and Talon’s mom’s boyfriend were working hard to prep food for everyone to come back to, my maid of honor, my mom, and Talon’s mom were running around like a chickens with their heads cut off to get everyone ready for the ceremony, my mom even ran to the store to get my stomach pills because I felt so sick. 

So. Much. Love.

Everyone was here to help. Everyone was here for our special day. 

My tips for future brides and grooms:

-Don’t forget, this is YOUR day. Forget the time schedule. Don’t stress about it. Regardless of what time it is, everyone is there to see you get married. So whether it’s 3pm or midnight, at the end of the day, you’ve married your soul mate and your friends and family were there to witness it.

-Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sure, we all want a fairy tale wedding where everything goes smoothly, but I can almost guarantee there will be hiccups. And that’s ok! Remember the reason for this day…you get to marry your best friend, and that’s all that should matter. Not the photos, or the weather, or the flowers, or the cake…it’s about you and your soon to be hubs.

-Don’t let the opinions of other people get to you. You can’t please everyone. Your dress may look like a night gown to one person, but remember how you felt when you put that dress on for the first time and you felt beautiful. Opinions are like ass holes…everyone’s got one. I’ll say it again…this is YOUR day, not theirs. 

-If you’ve got the money, hire a wedding planner. Thankfully, I had a badass maid of honor that was able to be in a thousand places at one time and take the lead on things. Had it been just me, I’m pretty sure the whole wedding would have been called off. Between my OCD and having a hard time letting go of control, the day would have been a hot ass mess if it weren’t for Amanda. However, I would have loved to spend more time with a less stressed out version of Amanda on our wedding day. But she didn’t lose her shit too bad, and we still had an amazing time together :) 

In the end, as crazy as things were, I married the love of my life and we were surrounded by our closest family and friends. Our home is still buzzing with all that love, and my heart is so full. 

I’m so thankful for all the love and support we got on that day! Thank you to all of you who made it so special <3

Here's some behind the scenes photos that Talon's cousin Kris got, some my mom got of the back yard, and one from our photographer Ben Jacobsen from their phones! I'll post the ones Ben got as soon as I have them!

Love & Light,