Bon Fire Days


Listen...I could do bon fires all day. But it has to be day fires. For some reason or another I MUCH prefer day fires over night fires. Probably for the same reason I hate going to the movie theatre to see movies. I get motion sick pretty bad, and I think the combo of darkness and movement really gets me. 

It's February, and it literally has felt like Spring since January which is SO out of the norm for Boise. 

This time last year, people were stocking up on food and water because they were convinced they were going to get snowed in and die. #Snowpocalypse2k17

Those of us who have lived here our whole wasn't anything we couldn't handle. But people were literally freaking the fuck out.

As I write this, it's a beautiful day at 61 degrees. WUT?! Pinch me! Spring is my all time favorite season, so I'm about this life. It has me itching to go out and start a fire every day.


Every weekend, we load up all our laundry and head over to my mom's place to get that adult task done. Our washer took a shit on us TWICE, and laundry mats give me the heebie jeebies, so I'm thankful my mom lets us come over, drink her beer, eat her string cheese, while also burning all her fire wood. 

The downside? She doesn't have wifi *GASP*

Every time we're over there I basically feel like I'm in an episode of Little House on the Prairie...should we be washing our laundry by hand too? Maybe. But hey, with our phones running at a sloth's pace while we're over there, why not have a fire, put the phones away for a bit, and pretend like we're in the woods camping? The little break from social media is refreshing! 

Before anyone calls animal control for the photos above...our pup Makita I'm pretty sure is an alcoholic so maybe we should be checking her in to rehab instead. Watch your drinks when you're hanging out with us...she'll knock them over on purpose.


There's my little chicken nugget Murphy showing everyone his best trick, "Say please!" At least our dog has manners...kind of. We have some other areas that need work.

Personally, I LOVE the way my hair and clothes smell after a fire. Tell me in the comments if you love that smell or hate it! 

Grey hoodie is from Reel Nomadic 

Get Lost tee is from Blue Loa

Shoes are from BANGS Shoes

The pups' Scarves are from Hobo Dog Los Angeles

Love & Light,