Snowed In

Ok...I realize my Valentine's Day post last week wasn't the most uplifting thing you've ever read. That day, every single year, is SO hard for me. Let me tell you a story of Talon (my fiance) and my first ever Valentine's Day together to lighten the mood a bit.


It was February of 2014. Talon was working in the oil fields in Wyoming while I lived in Idaho, and I made the decision to move there with him! Being away from each other sucked ass so why not?! 

We packed every square inch of a 27 foot UHAUL with mostly my belongings, in the middle of Winter, and headed out of Idaho.

We stopped in Rexburg, Idaho on our way there to stay a couple days with Talon's Aunt, Uncle, cousin, and sister and to pick up our new kitty Hammy. Hammy was Talon's sister Makayla's cat that she could no longer keep, so we decided to bring her in to our little clan. 

As we sat in Rexburg, we watched the weather and how the passes were that we needed to go through to get to our final destination...Casper, Wyoming. It wasn't looking good. At all. We THOUGHT we saw our window of opportunity, and hit the road.

79 miles and a few hours in to our drive, we stopped in Alpine, Wyoming to gas up. As soon as we stopped at the pump, Talon and I sat in silence as we watched the snow start falling from the sky. I know we both though in that moment that we were screwed, but stayed hopeful. 

Within minutes, about three new inches of snow had fallen...between the time it took to go in and pay for gas, and to finish fueling up. Shit.

Again, we sat in silence and just stared out in to the parking lot. 

Let me remind you...we were traveling in a UHAUL with a 65 pound pit bull and a cat that had never met before. Our pup, Brodey, wouldn't hurt a was Hammy I was worried about. She was in a kennel, but either way it was...interesting. 

At this point, still sitting at the gas pump, there was AT LEAST six inches of new snow. We knew we weren't going to make it through our next pass. 

Thankfully, we were getting gas right next to a lodge, so we checked in...February 13th.


Yep...we were in Wyoming alright. Population of Alpine...865.

February 14th...Valentine's Day. Our first one together, and we're snowed in at a lodge in BFE with a dog and a cat that had never met. 

We decided to make the best of it and head down to the restaurant attached to the lodge to have a Valentine's Day dinner and watch the band that was playing.

I ordered the prime rib and it was...erm...not great. But hey, they had Sockeye beer, and I can be thankful for that.

We finished up our "Valentine's Day Special" dinners, our beers, had some laughs, and headed back to our room. 

We were there for a total of three days before we decided to take a chance and get back on the road. We had gotten approved on an apartment and had to be in Casper before Sunday to sign the paperwork, otherwise, we wouldn't have a place to live once we got there.

It's a good thing I have to take Dramamine when I travel because I was passedTF out for a bit through the sketchy parts of the drive, and when Talon says it scared him, I know it was bad. 


In the end, it's a great memory to think back on. I'll never forget our first Valentine's Day together spent snowed in in Alpine, Wyoming with a dog and a cat who had never met. What an adventure it was! 

That was the first and only V-Day we ever celebrated, and I'm 100% ok with that. :) 

Do you remember your first Valentine's Day? Tell me about it in the comments! 

Love & Light,