Thanksgiving Day Look

Thanksgiving Look 1.png

I had planned out my makeup for Thanksgiving WEEKS in advance. Let's be real here...the only times I ever do a lot of makeup is when there's a holiday because I'm a cheap ass and don't like wasting amazing makeup for nothing.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of the color brown. Maybe it's the turkey...who really knows.

Obv I had to wear my Probably Hangry shirt from Rad Earth Supply because who are you if you don't starve yourself all day on Thanksgiving just to eat a disgusting amount of food later on?

The color I'm wearing on my lips is called Hazelnut, and I was SO stoked when they re-released this color that was discontinued earlier this year. I was a bit skeptical about it at first because, well, it's brown and I didn't think it would ever look good on me.

I went out to brunch one Saturday with my SeneSisters and saw a gal rocking the hell out of it, and that's when I knew I HAD TO try it. What better day to try brown lipstick than on Thanksgiving?! 

Thanksgiving Look 3.png

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