Wage Peace

Wage Peace 5.jpg

There's nothing I love more than a unisex graphic tee, especially the super soft ones. 

The beautiful soul over at Braymont Designs slings some of the comfiest tees I've ever put on my body. This Wage Peace shirt is one of my faves! 

Wage Peace 3.jpg

I got this tee in a medium for a baggy fit on me, and so I could share it with my fiance, but he has yet to wear it because I think he's afraid of white...he spills E V E R Y T H I N G. But don't tell him I said that ;P

The medium is a great length for me at 5' 4" so I can wear it with leggings! Leggings count as pants don't test me. 

You can find Braymont Designs on Instagram (be sure to show them some lerrrrv) and/or shop their Etsy! Lots of other amazing designs over there! 

The dark lip color I'm wearing is Mulled Wine LipSense from Free as the Flowers-Cosmetics and Skin Care.

Love & Light,