Majestic Unicorn

Unicorn 2.jpg

Since these photos were taken, sadly, my unicorn hair has been put to rest for now. It's been almost four years since my hair has seen a "normal" color, which means it's pretty damaged from all the bleaching over the years. 

The good news is, I'll always have unicorn blood running through my veins. This sweatshirt from Free Bird Clothing reminds me that I'll forever be a majestic unicorn no matter what color my hair is ;) 

Unicorn 1.jpg


Just look how fucking magical that unicorn is standing there gazing out in to the horizon. Always be a unicorn. Free Bird Clothing has a TON of other cool them some love on their Instagram or shop for your own threads on their website.

Forever keeping my dome warm with a Made in Minny beanie! I love the little pom on this one! Available in different color ways...snag yours on their website and check out their Instagram

I'm wearing Mulled Wine LipSense on my lippies from Free as the Flowers Cosmetics and Skin Care

Love & Light,