They always say, "About Me," sections are important to have, and I think so too because it kind of gives you an insight on who the person is behind the screen.

My purpose here is to share my life with you through this blog, but I suppose what I can tell you in short is that I'm just another creative soul that's floating around in the universe trying to find any and all ways to express my creativity. 

I hate making plans, I'm notoriously late for EVERYTHING, I suck at sticking to schedules and deadlines (which is probably why you'll never see any consistency on this blog), I have way too many animals, I'm married to my soul's mate (that's him in the photo), I'm an aspiring photographer with my hubs, and I cuss...a lot.

I refuse to put myself in to some mold that I think people expect to see...I promise to always be 100% my authentic self and keep it real with my readers, so be prepared cuz I'm kind of a fuckin weirdo sometimes...most of the time. 

I love to help companies grow, so if you're looking to collab, please shoot me an email!

If you're wanting to book a photography session, send an email to nwvisionsphotography@gmail.com

Thank you for being here...seriously...it means a lot to me <3